Waste management plan for the reception and handling of waste from ships for Rønne Havn A/S

General rules for reception facilities

The Port of Rønne Havn has introduced an environmental management system in accordance with the DS/EN ISO14001/2004 standard, 2nd edition.
The environmental management system has procedures for the handling/sorting/storage/transport/disposal of waste received from ships!

Rønne Havn A/S has municipal environmental approval of the eco station for handling/sorting hazardous waste.

Approved waste transport providers ensure that the waste is driven on an ongoing basis to approved waste treatment operators or to the Port of Rønne’s container site/eco station (enclosed), where sorting at source takes place, before the waste is driven to approved waste treatment operators.

There is ongoing registration of volumes received and of fees for waste treatment. These registrations form the basis of preparing the annual statement of waste volumes/fractions and total fees for waste treatment/disposal.

Ships that call at the port are obliged to deliver waste in accordance with the Danish Ministry of the Environment’s current executive order on reception facilities for waste from ships, the delivery of waste by ships and the port’s waste management plans.