Practical info

With hundreds of ships calling every day, the Port of Roenne is always bustling with activity. This page will give you the details and the time of the various activities.


The Port of Roenne is situated at the west coast of Bornholm, which is located at 55o 05’8 N Lat, 14o 41’4 E Long.


Southern outer breakwater pier-head FI G 3s. Northern outer breakwater pier-head FI G 3s. Southern inner breakwater F.G. Northern inner breakwater F.R. Eastern end of quay 1 F.R.


Leading light, rear light ISO 4 s, front light ISO 2 s. 24/7 lighting.

Navigation conditions

The Port of Roenne is protected by two sets of breakwaters; an outer and an inner breakwater. Two leading lights coinciding on bearing approx. 65o lead from the sea buoy, through the breakwaters and into the Port.

Calling at the Port of Roenne

The Port of Roenne is manned 24/7. Ships must radio the Port 1 hour before arrival and 15 minutes before departure on VHF channel 16 or 12.

Fog lights

Fog lights located at pier-heads will be switched on as and when required.