Port of Roenne A/S deliver the best annual result ever

For the fifth year in a row Port of Roenne A/S delivers an annual financial report with the best result, equity and profit margin. The yearly result for 2017 is 9.6 % higher than 2016.

They are busy at Port of Roenne at the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea and the increasing port activities creates solid financial results.

The year 2017, did not only became the year in which the company started the first of the four-phase-expansion of the commercial port. It also became the year with the best annual accounts in the history of the harbor.

The company came out of 2017 with a turnover of DKK 56.8 million, which corresponds to an increase of 2.3% compared to 2016 ,and with a associated best annual result of 15,3 million.

 “The positive development over the year is due to growth in several business areas, while maintaining freight over the berth was maintained at the same level as the year before. We see an unchanged number of ships, but the number of ships arriving at the port has increased in size by 16% on average compared with 2016, "says Thomas Bendtsen, CEO of Port of Roenne A/S, who can look back on a 2017 with growth in almost all areas:

A rise in cars and passengers

For example, the year offered a new ferry route between Port of Roenne and Swinoujscie in Poland, where TT-Lines is the operator. This contributed to an increase in the number of cars and passengers:

"The new ferry route has contributed to the number of cars passing through the port, increasing by 6.1%, while the number of passengers are increased by 5.1%. However, most of the growth is due to growth on the routes operated by the shipping company Færgen A/S, "says Thomas Bendtsen, who is also looking forward to growth within the business area ‘land renting’:

"During the year we entered three new leases - so revenue for rental of port areas and buildings increased by 4.3%," he says and praises the organization:

"On behalf of the hole organization I’m very proud. We had the expectation that we would go out of 2017 with a profit of DKK 13.2 million. Therefore, of course, it is a pleasure to note that we grew by DKK 2 million more than expected. "

The chairman of the board at Port of Roenne A/S, Thomas Thors, are pleased with the positive development:

"This is a unique development that our Port has gone through. I am impressed by the great efforts the entire organization has achieved. It has been a busy year for all. In parallel with all the tasks concerning the port expansion, there has also been a focus on maintenance, operation and development. It has been a very thoug and exciting move, which can now also be read by the financial statements, "he concludes.


More information:

Thomas Bendtsen, CEO at Port of Roenne A/S: Mobile: +45  30 61 07 63

Vicki Johansen, Pressofficer at Port of Roenne A/S: Mobile: +45 24 79 47 29. Mail: vicki.johansen@roennehavn.dk