• Port of Rønne - the gate to the Baltic Sea and surrounding countries Bornholm
    Owing to its attractive location, the Port may extent its services to shipping traffic, the wind turbine industry and other offshore activities

For generation, the inhabitants of Bornholm have lived in close contact with the sea and have in particular served the maritime transport industry and any derived industries.

Owing to its unique location in the middle of the Baltic Ocean, Bornholm is passed by thousands of ships every year. These ships require the supply of various services. In addition, the Baltic Ocean is expected to boom as a result of the erection of wind farms in the future. Bornholm and Rønne Havn A/S are of course expected to be part of these developments.

With the aim of achieving optimum conditions for the offshore industry of the future, a strategic cooperation under the name of "Offshore Center Bornholm" has been established. Initially, strategic cooperation has been entered into between six Bornholm-based companies, each contributing in their own way to serving the offshore industry. Combined, the individual expert qualifications of these companies create a strong alliance and a basis for a strong growth potential.

The aim is to market Bornholm as a service provider of a wide range of maritime services to the large number of ships passing by the island as well as maritime offshore players with special focus on wind turbines and wind energy, thereby making Bornholm a service hub for the large number of planned wind fields in the Baltic Sea.

”Offshore Center Bornholm” currently includes:

BHS Logistics

Bornholms energi og forsyning

Bornholm Airport

Sydhavnens Motorværksted

Bornholms Elektromotor

Knudsker EL

Rønne Revision

Bornfrost Rønne A/S

Rønne Havn A/S

Steenbergs Tegnestue ApS